Hello, I'm Dan.

I'm a systems designer, programmer, analyst, and consultant.

Featured Articles

Keep on Trunking
Developing a Telecom SIP Trunking Service that can handle over 200,000 calls monthly (and growing) while being fully scalable, that has improved the service that we provide our clients considerably. This documents the process we went through.
Bill Splitting
Splitting bills based on income ratio can reduce financial stress, maintain independence, help achieve financial goals, and encourage open communication about money in relationships, making it a preferable alternative to the traditional 50:50 approach.
Copyright Reform
A proposal suggesting a modern copyright method that balances the needs of content creators and consumers. It includes a government-managed licensing system and micropayments for downloads, providing a sustainable and equitable copyright system.

About Me

As a Full Stack Software Developer, I bring a unique blend of technical expertise and creativity to product development. My passion for programming, integrating, and troubleshooting computer hardware/software has led me to excel in solving complex problems.

With over twelve years of experience, I have designed and managed a wide range of systems, including the development and creation of numerous line of business websites and applications. My work has reduced costs and system turnaround times at each business that I have contracted with.

Additionally, I have constructed advanced PBX telephone systems for 50+ companies around Winnipeg, increasing the perceived public professionalism displayed by each of these companies.

I am a big believer in efficient and functional processes, and I have consistently delivered exceptional value to my clients by pushing for these ideals. Using a combination of proper documentation, ticketing, and source control, I consistently achieve a high level of accountability and reliability in my work.

I am proficient in C#, JavaScript, Typescript, and Python and have designed complex technical systems that touch the entire stack. I believe in reproducible builds and easy deployment with Docker, as evergreen deployment reduces downtime. Separation of technical concerns reduces software problems, which is crucial for any product. My extensive system administration experience, with over a decade of Linux experience, ensures that the bottom of the product stack is as solid as the rest.

With my technical expertise and passion for solving complex problems, I am confident in my ability to solve any software-related issues you may have.

About Dan
Dan is a Software Developer based out of Canada.
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