Hi, I'm Dan. I solve problems.
I've always loved tinkering. Whether that is with configuring computer software, wiring homes and networks, or programming new ways to do things. Figuring out how things work is my jam. I always strive to find the best way to do things.
A little more about me:


IT Professional

With over 10 years of experience working on and troubleshooting computers, I have developed an intuitive understanding on how computers work.



Having knowledge of wiring and being able to troubleshoot household electrical issues is a valuable skill. A skill that is transferrable to many other aspects of life. With 3 years in the electrical field I work with confidence.



It is hard to remember a time that I haven't been programming. Programming to me is a relaxing activity that one does to unwind after a hard day's work.

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Recent Articles

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With modern values, splitting bills is becoming more and more a hot topic. Does the man pay? Are the bills split equally? If they are, what would be the most equal way to split the bills?

Copyright Reform

An updated distribution modal for purchases in the digital age.

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