Below are some pictures of homes I have worked on. Sorted by year.

Volunteer - Habitat for Humanity

From 2014 to 2017 I have completed 56 hours (and counting!) of volunteer work for Winnipeg's Habitat for Humanity.

Volunteer - Open Street Map

Since August 15, 2009 I have logged over a thousand edits to Open Street Map. Primarily adding details, increasing the polish of the map, correcting mistakes, and adding buildings.

I am primarily responsible for Buchanan, Buffalo Industrial Park, Chevrier Industrial Park, Crestview, McGillivray Park, St. Charles, West Fort Garry Industrial Park and Westwood. I have minor contributions to Charleswood, Linden Woods, Oakenwald, River Heights, and White Ridge.

Volunteer - Winnipeg Fringe Festival

In 2011 I did 72 hours worth of setup and security volunteer work for The Winnipeg Fringe Festival.

Programming - Business Management
Since 2016 I have been developing business management software. At first for Coll-West Electric, and now a new product developed separately with a greater scope.
Programming - Game Development

I was a key part in developing a 3D space exploration game inspired by EV Nova, unfortuantely funding dried up during development and the project was cancelled.

Programming - Web Crawler for DMCA Guardian

I wrote the original web crawler for DMCA Guardian on contract work.

This bot scoured search engines looking for filesharing links for popular software. Which could then be reviewed by a human and then takedown requests could be sent.

Programming - Open Source Projects

Early on in my career I created a few open source projects to entertain myself. These have since been retired, however the experience I gained creating them was invaluable.