Volunteer Work

Habitat for Humanity 2014

In 2014 I have completed 48 hours (and counting!) of volunteer work for Winnipeg's Habitat for Humanity.

Open Street Map

Since August 15, 2009 I have logged over a thousand edits to open street map. Primarily adding details, increasing the polish of the map, correcting mistakes, and adding buildings.

I am primarily responsible for Buchanan, Buffalo Industrial Park, Chevrier Industrial Park, Crestview, McGillivray Park, St. Charles, West Fort Garry Industrial Park and Westwood. I have minor contributions to Charleswood, Linden Woods, Oakenwald, River Heights, and White Ridge.

Winnipeg Fringe Festival 2011

In 2011 I did 72 hours worth of setup and security volunteer work for The Winnipeg Fringe Festival.


Game Development

I have two current game development projects that are active.

The first is a space trade and adventure game.

The second is a 2D Role Playing Game. There is no ETA for this project.

DMCA Guardian

I wrote the original web crawler for DMCA Guardian on contract work.

This bot scoured search engines looking for filesharing links for popular software. Which could then be reviewed by a human and then takedown requests could be sent.

Open Source Projects

I lot of my open source projects come from the time that I was using Linux as my primary OS. Most have been abandonned.

Bandwidth Monitor

I wrote a bandwidth monitor for the time when I set up a custom router with a PC. When the NIC I was using stopped working and I had to switch back to a regular router, this project was posted and forgotten.


Components was a project that I started early. I was using Xembed to try to recreate tabbed windows in different process model. I had this great vision where this could be extended to any program. Wouldn't it be cool if one tab was a text editor and the other tab was a web browser and like things could be grouped? I never got that far but posted the code rather then simply abandoning it.

DBus LIRC Bridge

A daemon that rebroadcasts all LIRC events over DBus, since that should be where they go anyway.

Emerald Theme

My custom theme for the emerald window manager.

Movie Player

I created a movie player using gstreamer, I disliked how other movie players looked on Linux. I can't link you to it as Google decided to delete the project without notifying me or anything.

Bill Calculator

Probably should be called bill splitter. A notion that I had that between two parties, bills could be split with a ration of equal influence upon their income.

WM_SPEC hack

I was developing a dock application and some X11 windows didn't create windows properly. This fixed that.