Hi! My name's Dan. I like to build and maintain software systems, hardware systems, and figure out how everything works.

Right now I'm working on an undisclosed business management application, updating my computer networking certificates, and finishing off the hours requirement to be a Journeyman Electrician.

I have worked at a variety of institutes in the past from small shops to big national corporations. A few notable ones include Coll-West Electric, Shaw Communications, and Pembina Trails School Division. At every job I succeeded in improving the company compared to before I was hired.

I have been programming since I was a teenager. Automating things as much as I can. I've been administering systems from this time as well. First just at home based projects, learning how systems worked, to corporate systems used by many.

I love teaching people. There is a certain enjoyment that comes from passing knowledge that you have onto others. You never know the eventual outcome, but you can hope that the knowledge you pass on will help them in some way.

My first taste of teaching people was as a Teacher's Assistant straight out of high school, I had got the job by being of particular help to the graphic arts teacher. He was having difficulty adapting his courses to the emerging computer aspect of the class. Through this I ended up teaching the computer component of all of his Graphic Arts and Video Production classes. It was through teaching these concepts to high school students that I honed my ability to explain things simply and with patience to ensure that students passed the courses. This was extended later to my initial role at Shaw in Tech Support first for customers, and then for training incomming representatives.

Figuring out how things work is second nature to me, this is expressed in my love of programming, my role sorting out backend issues at Shaw as an analyst, and my current profession as an Electrician.

Throughout this I have done a great deal of volunteer work, In person have worked for the Finge Festival, and Habitat for Humanity Manitoba. Online I have contributed a great deal to Open Street Map, as well as some small patches to Open Source projects.

As always, I can't wait to see what will happen in the next 5 years!