Dan Saul is a computer programmer and electrician currently working at Coll-West Electric. He recieved his accreditation for Electrical Apprentice Level 1 and 2 at Winnipeg Technical College (now called the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology). Additionally Dan recieved his CCNA, CCIE accreditations at the same institute.

During his teenage years Dan began doing hobby programming on Mac OS X and Linux.

Dan began his professional career as a teacher's assistant at Vincent Massey Collegiate. During this time he taught computer graphic design and video production to grades 10 to 12.

After two years he left to pursue a career in Information Technology. To this effect he applied to Shaw Cablesystems, after 5 years, unhappy with his progression at the company Dan went back to college to become an Electrician.

While working at Shaw, Dan began contributing to Open Street Map adding map data for a large portion of Winnipeg. Intermittently volunteering to the local Fringe Festival and Habitat for Humanity.

In 2014 Dan began his employment at Coll-West Electric doing mostly renovations and new home installations.